&Sister Shares with Mira Manek, chef for our next retreat Nature & Nourish 10th – 12th May

&Sister Shares with Mira Manek

We are so excited about our Spring retreat, Nature and Nourish, with Mira Manek, Friday May 10th – Sunday May 12th.

I first met at 42ACRES Shoreditch when Mira was providing the food for an evening to raise awareness of modern-slavery held by The Shiva Foundation. The food was exceptional, Mira provided dish after dish, so much colour and variation, it completely and utterly blew me away and as if that wasn’t enough the Tumeric chai, which you can experience at Mira’s cafe, Chai with Mira and Triyoga Soho at the end of the evening was out of this world. Since this happy encounter we have crossed paths as Mira has hosted retreats at Poundon, always offering me, my Mum and Amaryllis (and in fact anyone who walks through the kitchen) delicious tastes and samples of her soul-food. For many months we have been working out how we can collaborate together and here it comes! I am so intrigued by Mira, she’s just so talented and is such a wonderful person, I wanted to ask a few questions for our series of interviews, “&Sister Shares’. I hope you enjoy!

&Sister Shares with Mira Manek
When did you first know this was what you wanted to do?

My journey to food really began when I turned 30! I moved back to London and wanted to learn all the delicious healthy and wholesome food I had grown up eating. In the process of doing this and out of pure creative fascination, I started experimenting with these ingredients and recipes. And that’s how it all began!

What was the biggest challenge for completing the cookbook and how did you
overcome it?

Picking the right dishes and then creating sections – found that the hardest! A lot of the food in the book can be eaten anytime and all day, so how does one put them in different sections? What helped is working under pressure and towards deadlines, making decisions quickly rather than overthinking and being guided by the publisher and editor. Now, when I look through the book, the sections don’t really matter 🙂 which is exactly what I wanted.

Where is the best thali you have ever had?
There’s a place in the old part of Ahmedabad (largest city in Gujarat) called Agashiye which literally means rooftop. So on this charming rooftop overlooking the city, you’ll find the most beautiful spot to have the most delicious thali you have ever tried. And the wonderful waiters keep topping up every inch of your plate with more curries, daal, kadhi, dhokla, roti, pudla, rotla… all those wonderful tasty Gujarati delights. It’s a brilliant experience in every sense.

Where is the most inspiring place you have travelled to?
Mount Kailas. This is known to be the abode of Lord Shiva, up in the Tibetan part of the Himalayas. It’s breathtakingly magical, mysterious and otherworldly.

What three tips would you give to somebody who was about to embark on
their dream?

In the moment of passion, when you’re about to launch, write down all the things that drive you, write down why you want to do this and why you’re so driven by it. This will become the thing you refer to again and again, when you need a push and when doubts creep in. Everything takes time – you will need patience. Be real, be authentic and be yourself – that’s what people relate to.

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