Here are some kind words….

LIVE ONLINE CLASS. “This morning’s Zoom live class was great and I could see Alicia and follow her teaching clearly. I liked that I could glimpse other yogis and felt like I was ‘part of a class‘ not just doing a video alone at home…” “Thanks for all you are doing to keep us yogis … Read more

Lynne Humphreys

LIVE ONLINE CLASS.“A brilliant yoga class with Alicia. Challenging, calming and a sense of community. Loved it.”

Beezy Marsh

LIVE ONLINE CLASS “I thought it was a lovely way of continuing the class and to keep in touch.”

Nikki Nash

LIVE ONLINE CLASS “Loved your FIRST LIVE CLASS on Wednesday – I do lots of yoga videos online which are professionally produced with excellent teachers, but they are missing a vital ingredient – connection – practising together (at the same time, if not in the same room) and sharing intentions in a safe community like &SISTER, particularly … Read more

Claire Morris

I just wanted to tell you that the session last night was honestly one of the loveliest, most chilled and frankly MAGICAL yoga sessions I have ever had – and I’ve done yoga on an empty beach in northern Australia surrounded by rainforest. I’m also happier today and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Natalie Triebwasser

Thank you for a wonderful retreat. Your hospitality was beautiful and I felt both very looked after and at home. The yoga was really lovely, the food was fantastic (I recreated those oven baked apples last night and they were yummy) and the scenery stunning.


Thank you so much for such a lovely retreat. All the small kind efforts, and additional touches, all of it together made for a really beautiful time 🙂 Im feeling super revived in my practice, and looking forward to taking that feeling with me.


“I would give this retreat 10 out of 10. The location is beautiful and the retreat is supremely well organised. It is worth the money just for the vegetarian food that is served! It is quite simply some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. The yoga sessions are brilliantly structured and Mischa is an … Read more

Mike Freeman

“I’m coming away feeling relaxed, in tune with myself, enriched, nourished, and with a better awareness of myself, thank you!”

Victoria Fritz

“The attention to details at Poundon has been amazing, from goodie bags on arrival, wonderful food, and amazing yoga and meditation. “

Sam Bowers

“Natalie and Alicia have created a very personal environment which fits so perfectly with yoga and allows people to fully let go and get a really rich experience. “

Poppy Cross, The London Health & Fitness Girl

“Reflecting back now on my weekend at Poundon House with the wonderful Saskia, I can honestly tell you I found this retreat to be totally transformative. There is scientific evidence to suggest that both yoga and meditation can change neural pathways in the brain and I have to say I can fully feel the effects. … Read more

Zoe Cole, Fashionably Balanced

“I had a wonderful time at Poundon House for the New Year Retreat. I felt truly blessed to have this time…with these people in such a beautiful setting AND great teaching!”