The &Sister story

Poundon House has been owned and loved by the Roscoe family for nearly 40 years. Natalie & Alicia (&Sister)
grew up at Poundon House and now both work for the family events business. As a family and a business we have hosted many events over the years, from sprawling house parties to 300-strong fusion weddings! Our aim is to share the experience of being in a beautiful country house for the weekend, away from the city, surrounded by nature and, in this case immersing yourself in yoga, delicious nourishing food and enhancing your own well-being.

Natalie and Alicia set up the retreat side of Poundon House in August 2015, with the venue quickly becoming a popular destination for retreats and &Sister evolved.

Older sister Natalie works in events and marketing and Alicia is a yoga-lover and a trained yoga teacher:

“There is nothing that gives me more happiness than hosting a retreat at my family
home. I know how great guests will feel by the end of the weekend: inspired, uplifted,
relaxed, rejuvenated. I have experienced it myself after yoga retreats and now want to
share that experience with our guests.”

The aim of &Sister is to collaborate with inspirational yoga teachers, chefs with a
passion for delicious and healthy food and experienced therapists. Alongside these experts we want to
provide not just an escape from the hectic hullaballoo of daily life, but also the chance to return to that
life with a renewed vigor and sense of calm and control.

As well as on-site wellbeing gurus, you can also expect hands-on hosting. As well as your yoga teacher,
Natalie or Alicia will be on site to make sure your stay is blissful. Please feel free to ask us any questions
in the lead up and during the weekend, we are more than happy to help with anything; nothing is too big
or too small.