The &Sister story

At &Sister, through our curation of retreats, workplace wellness advice and bespoke private event production, create the space and experiences for transformation.

Since being founded in 2015 we have hosted over 24 of our own retreats, countless collaborative classes, events & workshops at Poundon House and beyond.

“I cant remember the last time I felt so calm, peaceful and held in unconditional love.” Eddie

Our intention

“&Sister creates the space for you to transform and become the most grounded and vibrant version of yourself. We believe in balance, bringing warmth, love and fun to all of our events.”

&Sister 3 pillars defined ….

Connect – we create the space for you to bond with the innermost version of you

Collaborate – we are alchemists of the soul bringing together beautiful practitioners

Commune – we invite you to open your heart, to share your vulnerabilities, take strength from others and smile your way through the journey.

Further background


Poundon House has been owned and loved by the Roscoe family for nearly 40 years. Natalie & Alicia (&Sister) grew up at Poundon House and now both work for the family events business. As a family and a business we have hosted many events over the years, from sprawling house parties to 300-strong fusion weddings! &Sister launched from Poundon House. Natalie and Alicia set up the retreat side of Poundon House in August 2015, with the venue quickly becoming a popular destination for retreats and &Sister evolved.

“Our aim is to share the experience of being in a beautiful country house for the weekend, away from the city, surrounded by nature and, in this case immersing yourself in yoga, delicious nourishing food and enhancing your own well-being.” Natalie

Older sister Natalie works in events and marketing and Alicia is a yoga-lover and a trained yoga teacher:

“There is nothing that gives me more happiness than hosting a retreat at my family home. I know how great guests will feel by the end of the weekend: inspired, uplifted, relaxed, rejuvenated. I have experienced it myself after yoga retreats and now want to share that experience with our guests.” Alicia

The aim of &Sister Yoga Retreats is to collaborate with inspirational yoga teachers, chefs with a passion for delicious and healthy food and experienced therapists. Alongside these experts we want to provide not just an escape from the hectic hullaballoo of daily life, but also the chance to return to that life with a renewed vigour and sense of calm and control.

Wellness in the workspace

We are experienced in finding the perfect option for your employees and organisation whether that is through providing weekly classes, workshops, talks or events.

Private Events

&Sister provide the ultimate private wellness experiences! We have had years of practice at producing events, from retreats, to healthy hens & baby showers to meditation spaces at festivals and conferences, you name it, we create it.

A little bit more about Alicia, founder of &Sister…

Alicia, co-founder of &Sister teaches yoga classes and holds well-being events around Oxfordshire. Alicia transitioned from a career in law to becoming a yoga teacher in 2012. She originally trained in Ashtanga yoga and has subsequently studied with traditional Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga teachers. As well as focusing on creative sequencing for vinyasa flow classes, Alicia loves to include philosophy, poetry, pranayama and meditation in her classes and to bring lightness and playfulness wherever possible. Alicia’s intention us to teach with full presence, humility and an open heart. She is passionate about helping people discover the beauty of the practice of yoga, to give them tools to live their dreams and realise their full potential to live a happy and harmonic life.

Download Alicia’s CV here | See Alicia’s weekly class schedule here