The &Sister story

The &Sister Story

&Sister is a lifestyle and wellness brand, known for our warmth and inclusion at our signature events, in particular transformational retreats at Poundon House. Since conception in 2014 we have hosted over 30 retreats and countless classes, workshops and events in Oxfordshire and beyond.


&Sister was founded by the Roscoe sisters Alicia and Natalie who grew up at Poundon House and it is the inspiration behind &Sister. Alicia originally worked as a corporate lawyer before making a big decision to leave the corporate world and become a yoga teacher. Natalie has always loved art and is an interior stylist, both sisters are passionate about mental health. Their intention is to provide a sanctuary for people to nourish their minds, bodies and empower through education of health and wellness. &Sister offers a variety of bespoke wellness options for you, your space, studio or business.


Since Covid-19 &Sister has been bringing well-being directly to people’s homes through zoom classes, on-demand yoga packages and our beautiful &Sister candles.

jasmine and petitgrain natural candle