Yoga & Wellbeing Workshops

Yoga & Wellbeing Workshops

Yoga has been the gateway to connection and uplifting the wellbeing and mental health of &Sister's community since day one. From our &Sister retreats, to Alicia’s classes in Oxfordshire and now our on demand packages we hope to help as many people as possible connect with yoga.

Whether you are looking for private yoga classes or wellness workshops in the workplace, we have all the expertise and experience you need.

We Offer:

· Yoga and well-being workshops and events curation.

· Pop-up wellness events in your space or studio.

· Bespoke private events curators (baby showers, birthdays, you name it we create.

· Wellness consultancy and agency.

- Corporate Visions & Goals Workshops.

To discuss how we can support you and / or your community please connect with us.

Call Alicia on: 07977235672
Or fill out our Visions & Goals Wellness Workshop enquiry form here.

On-Demand Yoga

Fall in Love with Yoga

Alicia’s first on demand course ‘Fall in Love with yoga’ aims to gently guide you down the path of yoga practice. There are 17 lessons, from short talks to 10 minute classes up to 60 minute dynamic flows.

‘Beautiful. This course has really helped me jump the hurdle of getting into yoga and finding ways to slowly fit it into my week and days. Thank you Alicia. Such beautiful videos and yoga flows’


'Fallen in Love!! I absolutely adore this thoughtfully built course, clear and concise explanations, easy to follow classes ranging from 10 minutes to whole hour sessions. Alicia has invested so much love and compassion into this course - you need this in your life!'


E.L.E.V.A.T.E (On-demand course)

E.L.E.V.A.T.E has been a long time in the making, through Alicia's own life journey interwoven with yoga practices to enhance your life. Each chapter includes an introductory talk, a meditation and of course a beautiful yoga practice.

Parts 2 & 3 Available Soon