Alicia is interviewed by The Oxford Times Limited Edition

Alicia was interviewed in Oxford Times Limited Edition Magazine sharing her love of Oxfordshire and spiced up coffee. So here it is, the spiced Cacao recipe revealed.  Warm oat milk in a pan  Add cinnamon, fresh ginger, cardamon and table spoon of organic cacao powder  tea spoon of coconut oil  blend in nutri-bullet sprinkle cinnamon … Read more

Oxfordshire 2019 Yoga Teaching & Massage Schedule

Alicia’s Oxfordshire 2019 Yoga Teaching & Massage Schedule

Ready to get back on the mat in the new year or relax deeply with an Ayruvedic massage from Alicia? Here is where you can catch her in 2019. 


Starting Monday 21st January


9.30am Downdog + Crow – Public class
11.15 & 12.45 Downdog + Crow – Ayruvedic Massage


Ayruvedic Massage available at Poundon House

6.00pm – 7.00pm – Public class – The Well Retreat, Brackley


&Sister Saturdays – Ride the good vibes with your local yogi community

75 minute flow | Starting in February | Location TBC

Why not book a private class or talk to Alicia about starting yoga in your workplace.

Contact: | @lisroscoe | 07977235672