Create your own yoga / meditation sanctuary space at home.

Isolation Zen! That feeling when you step into your favourite studio & happy place; the smells, the connection to yoga and the peacefulness, it’s possible to create this at home with a little help from our &Sister friends! Treat yourself to Lydia’s Amazing BANANA LOAF and other healthy, yummy treats. (also great for kids, an … Read more


Downloaded latest ZOOM to live stream &SISTER yoga classes? Here’s how you love it! Book &SISTER classes on MOMO HERE. TIPS FOR USING ZOOM:  PIN THE TEACHER  Firstly, once we start the class it is really important to ‘pin’ the video of the teacher. (Do this by hovering over their video box, click the three dots and click … Read more

&Sister collaboration with Blenheim Palace – MIND BODY SOUL

&Sister collaboration with Blenheim Palace – MIND BODY SOUL Alicia has featured in a video created by Blenheim Palace for their MIND BODY SOUL campaign to encourage people to get out into the beautiful grounds of the Palace. From walks, runs or fitness in the parkland, getting out into nature is an amazing way to … Read more