YOU WERE BORN TO MOVE… (Shimmy, lunge and kick!) Thursday 9.30am – 10.15am with Alicia. 5 Week Course starting November TBC* 2020.  The course will include 5 in person FIT & FLOW classes for £60. BOOK VIA SHOP HERE! SISTERS and MISTERS! Are you ready for action? It’s time to ACTIVATE AND INSPIRE ourselves! As … Read more

Create your own yoga / meditation sanctuary space at home.

Isolation Zen! That feeling when you step into your favourite studio & happy place; the smells, the connection to yoga and the peacefulness, it’s possible to create this at home with a little help from our &Sister friends! Treat yourself to Lydia’s Amazing BANANA LOAF and other healthy, yummy treats. (also great for kids, an … Read more


Downloaded the latest ZOOM to live stream &SISTER yoga classes. We will send you the ZOOM link before class. Please arrive 10min early so we have time to iron out any technical issues on either end and so we can welcome each other to the space. TIPS FOR USING ZOOM:  PIN THE TEACHER  Firstly, once … Read more