Vision and Goals Workshop with Alicia, in partnership with Blenheim Palace

What is Vision and Goals?

Vision and Goals Workshop – Sometimes in the new year we can feel stuck and experience a lack of energy and sense of direction, especially after the huge shift we have experienced with COVID-19. People talk about ‘new year, new you’ but what does that even mean? This workshop is not about making unrealistic resolutions that set us up to feel worse, it’s about spring boarding off the new year to create more of what makes you happy and learning methods for how we can achieve that. 
Pinpointing our values, what is important to us, visioning our destination and then figuring out the actions and baby steps that will get us there. 

If we can learn to live in possibility and then identify our values and strengths, the result is that anything is possible! 

Even if you are already energised and positive for the new year this workshop can be useful for channeling that energy. 

We will be using yoga inspired stretches and mindful movement (designed to be accessible to all) to awaken, flow sequences and music to shift stagnant energy, we will let go and honour our learnings from 2021. Finally create our vision and set goals for 2022. Our goals will not be solely work or career orientated, they will encompass all areas of life. 

Partaking in a group creates connection and also sharing goals has been proved to make them 78% more likely to happen. The workshop is lighthearted and interactive with very positive results. 

Vision and Goals Workshop

The 90 minute workshop includes:
• Introduction – settle into the space using breathing and meditation – leave work behind  
• Movement – 20 – 30 minutes of stretching and mindful movement 
• Mental exercises – Reflect on the learnings of 2021
• Identify our values – Your core values are at the centre of your identity; they make you who you are, help you make decisions that are right for you 
• Vision and Goals – Create our vision and set our goals for 2022

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