Rose geranium & Lavender natural candle – Joy

Rose geranium & Lavender natural candle

&Sister’s newest JOY edition…
with oils of Rose Geranium, Lavender, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose Absolute, Petit-grain and Vetiver.

Our JOYFUL CALM Rose geranium & Lavender natural candle is exactly what it says on the glass, to gift you joy, the joy of peace, calm and that moment when you get home and light your natural candle. The perfect candle to light when you write your gratitude list and contemplate what joy means to you and how you can or have achieved it in the past, present and future.

More about our candles

Our &Sister natural candles are scented with pure organic oils and perfect for meditation and accessing that chill-out moment.

The candles have been hand-poured with love and the intention that they bring you joy, peace and calm. Exactly like that &Sister special moment on our retreats. We recommend setting an intention and taking 10 deep breaths. All will be well!

Do you know what you are burning when you light your scented candles?

&Sister sister Natalie decided to investigate over lockdown and was pretty surprised to find that some of her favourite candle brands use paraffin wax (toxic) and fragrances (chemicals) so she started to make her own candles using eco soy wax (sustainable and vegan) and essential oils (natural, no nasties) responsibly sourced. This is a positive of the pandemic and Natalie has completely fallen in love with hand-making candles!

Nats says ‘I love everything about this – my interest in well-being, plants and oils and their power to uplift and affect moods, to art to interiors and travel – all combined within one creative journey, candles.

Alicia is a candle lover too and

‘ I love to light mine before meditation, or before a restful long soak in the bath. There is something so special about that glow from a candle flame and the delicate scents that relax and balance the nervous system”

(30cl approx 220g) £26 plus £3.25 postage per candle.
(23cl) £20.50 plus £3.25 postage per candle.