Dearest yogi’s, after such a tough year this is now going to be the Christmas we were n o t wishing for. Alas, 
here are some &Sister specials to get you through, focused on wellbeing and self-care…


If you have not already, it’s time to watch a triple dose of Bridget over the Christmas period and invite her friends ‘Ben and Jerry’ along too. Please tag us @andsister_yoga #bemorebridget as we’d love to know if you watch it!

2. WARM THE SOUL with Mira Manek’s Chai.

Obsessed, in love, can’t get it out of our heads… Mira’s new chai collection has landed and we are delighted, head to … …to check it out 

3. PUTTING DOWN THE PHONE (and go offline and pick up a book instead).

Curl up on the sofa and dive into an imaginary world. Did you know reading aids sleep readiness and regular reading improves brain power? Here are some of our favourites: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown.

4. YOGA (of course!)

Yoga will probably be on every list &Sister ever makes, because it is at the heart of what we do. Fall in love with yoga on-demand course for special offer £10. 
The course is easily accessible on the Thinkific platform and offers 10 minute sessions to 60 minutes flows with Alicia. 
Enroll HERE. PLUS Zoom classes with Alicia on Tuesday night starting back up in January. 


Going outdoors for a walk, a moment in the garden to taking in the fresh air or watching the birds is great for our physical and mental health & wellbeing. How ever we can find a way to get outside this winter (wrapped up warm of course) let’s take it! Going outdoors and getting fresh air helps us find grounding, perspective and space that we otherwise might not be able to see! And most importantly, giving us head space amongst jumbled thoughts and cramped emotions. We love to chase those outdoor endorphins with runs, bike rides and taking a certain little sausage for a walk!


Journaling, witting down a gratitude list or perhaps what you’ve learnt or where you’ve found strength in 2020 is a great way to practice gratitude, positivity and channel empowering energies. Taking time to reflect on the past is just as important as taking time to project forward.


Being able to give to others and support or check in with others health & wellbeing is so fulfilling and rewarding. It’s also natural and simple tonic for our sisters to feel purpose, grounding and a much needed sense of community. This fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to society is unparalleled, giving value to not only our own worth but to the world and the loving humanity it can poses, even if we forget it from time to time, LOVE & KINDNESS is out there for us all!


As a child I’m sure that used to make us run in the opposite direction. But now it couldn’t be blissful to take time out, run a hot bath with perhaps some essential oils, a candle (maybe even to set an intention to ponder while bathing or igniting a wish or energy you’d like to manifest) and some bath salts to decease stress… the perfect health-promoting ritual to soothe the body, hydrate and detoxify. Some of our fave bath time treats include: MOA Bath Shot & Bath Salts, The Owl & Apothecary’s Crystal Candles and Root & Flower oils & bath scrubs.


We find creativity can be the best way to unleash what we have been trying to find within us and support our wellbeing!
Some of our fave creativity wellbeing tools include: baking, crafting postcards to send to your most loved & dearest (lets bring back the penpal!), foraging for winter foliage to create a table display or simple tumbler of seasonal flowers, earning a new skill/ instrument, scrapbooking & photo collaging (these are also great gifts!) and finally trying out a new, healthy, nourishing recipes! One of the all time go to’s and a great way to relive our retreats is diving into Mira Manek’s Saffron Soul Cookbook. (Also, featured by The Independent as THE NYE perfect, healthy, Indian FEAST!)


Isn’t it amazing how a particular song or type of music can bring us to a place of calm, memory or moment of stillness, comfort and glee? We’ve definitely found this with music, transcending us to a place or space. &Sister has created a PLAYLIST of songs we love to move, grove, giggle, jiggle, sing, yoga and breathe too! (In other words, a real mixed bag of songs that make our heart sing!). Click HERE the listen.

With love & light always,
And a
Healthy, Happy Christmas!

For yoga classes to support your health and wellbeing in the new year check out our schedule and yoga classes & events here!

and the &Sister Team xxx