Re-Set sleep pillow and candle

Handmade Sleep Pillow by Charlie Morgan + &Sister Sleep Candle Bundle


A heavenly scented heart-shaped lavender-filled sleep pillow with an 18cl natural essential oil candle.
The candle is created from pure essential oils (lavender, rose geranium, chamomile and vetiver) that aid relaxation, calm and sleep.

Retail value £32 (buy here for £28 plus packaging and postage).

Where love meets light, and scent meets sleep.  Invest in rest, give the gift of wellness from your heart.

Re-Set – Handmade Sleep Pillow + Candle Bundle

The Story 
We first met Charlie through our transformational retreats we hosted at Poundon House. If you joined us on a retreat with Charlie you will know how much joy and love she brings to everything she does!

Our retreats were focused on facilitating inner change that uplifted and supported guests to live their most aligned life.

Sleep was an essential ingredient on these weekends. The body heals when it sleeps and it  facilitates a deep sense of wellbeing.

When the pandemic came in 2020 and we could no longer host retreats, Natalie invested her time in researching candles and how to make them completely pure and sustainably. We do not use man-made fragrances in our candles, only pure essential oils. We source sustainable wax and packaging. The candles are lovingly hand poured in London.

We have always stayed closely connected with Charlie and even made our natural candles to be the favours at her wedding.

We are now so excited to be working with Charlie on this restoring wellness and sleep enhancing package, it is the ultimate treat – take a good night’s sleep with you wherever you are!

Charlie has lovingly hand made these heart-shaped sleep pillows, stuffed to the full with fresh lavender, and to say they smell incredible in an understatement! Keep it under you pillow to make your pjs and pillows smell divine! They make the perfect bed-time comforters for adults and children and a special meaningful gift.

The candle is crafted from pure essential oils (lavender, rose geranium and vetiver) that aid relaxation and sleep.  Light in the evening, at bathtime and before bed, fill the room with calming scents to create a deep sense relaxation, similar to what we created on our retreats.

As it comes in a tin, it is easy to take with you.

These make lovely gifts and you can opt for beautiful home made gift wrapping too for friends Birthdays or Christmas. They also make wonderful presents for new mums and children who love their sleep pillows.

But first and most importantly, invest in your own rest and sleep.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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