Gift well-ness for Spring

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Except it is! Gift &Sister natural floral candles for the gift of wellness and longevity. Made with sustainable vegan soy wax and 100% organic essential oils for the benefits of aromatherapy.

Miranda is interested!

Believing that health is more art than science, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, tells us that even just 5 minutes of wellness is all it takes for transformation and clarity. Our candles can offer just that, a mindful ritual for wellbeing. They are hand-poured with love and intention, created to inspire and amplify a moment of calm, joy, connection or clarity. Each candle has a unique essential oil blend to evoke different mind-sets. Choose the mind-set you wish to harness and relax into that sweet feeling.  

There is no greater or more natural gift than florals that last in the from of 100% natural essential oil candles. Organic essential oils are distilled florals that when lit release a natural aroma and healing therapy to support health and wellness. 

For example; Rose essential oil helps to relieve stress and anxiety, while relaxing the body and mind. When burning our JOY candle with rose and other healing botanicals, the natural aroma is absorbed into the body. Rose helps to brighten the complexion while also comforting the mind. It slowly relaxes your muscles, helping to relieve aches and reduce inflammation.

The perfect pairing…
Add seasonal florals to your gift by using our BLOOM & WILD £10 off offer. 

We recommend our favourite blooms, the bulbed tulips, a bouquet of 24 mixed coloured tulips, grown in the UK. The best bit… 
The bulbs can be replanted and enjoyed next spring. A gift that keeps on giving. 

Gift for the planet, mind, body + soul. 
10% discount when you buy two or more of our candles, perfect to buy one for yourself and a loved one.

Enter FRIEND10 at checkout to receive 10% discount.

Gift a moment of REVERIE, send a little JOYCONNECT with love and ELEVATE your mind + body. 

About our candles:
🌷 Made with sustainable vegan soy wax
🌷 Only using 100% pure essential oils
🌷 Recycled materials & packaging
🌷 Sustainably sourced materials
🌷 Hand poured in London
🌷 Plastic-free

These candles are made with intention, to offer a moment of self-care and pause. Whether it’s a pause to reset, practice yoga, have bath, get creative or simply read a book and find peace. Our healing candles are meant as brightening and warming companions to help you find clarity and mindful connection. 

Why we only use natural ingredients, natural waxes & pure essential oils?
They are free from toxic artificial fragrances, zinc & pesticides which are harmful to our health. Essential oils also have the added benefits of aromatherapy, aiding our mental and physical health. The most important ingredient in every candle, which we hope you welcome, is Love.

With love and light,
The &Sister Team xx