Style On The Lamb shares her experience of a yoga retreat

Style On The Lamb shares her experience of her yoga retreat…

How did one of our recent Winter Glow guests enjoy the retreat? Style On The Lamb shares her stay at Poundon House with &Sister.

It’s always lovely to hear and read about how our retreat guests experience their time at Poundon House with &Sister on their retreat. So it was lovely to read about our guest and new mum, Jennifer’s experience.

It started with a slip on the stairs but luckily this turned into a comical experience!

As a new mum, Jennifer was in need of a retreat, and knew the importance of self care. We are so thrilled you chose AndSister as your weekend retreat away. We know as mums’ ourselves its not easy to give yourself the time off, to feel justified in having it, and above all to leave our little darling babies for a whole weekend, so we are delighted you gave yourself this time to relax, to reflect, to re-energise.

Its more than deserved, its essential!!

‘…So why did I venture on this weekend escape?  For years I had been practicing yoga, attending classes all over London and New York.  A couple years ago I even earned my Yoga Teacher certification (more on that here). Yet, I had never been on a proper yoga retreat — a dreamy holiday aimed at ahimsa. But this year, being a postpartum Mother in need of some serious self-care, I really craved nourishing food, fitness classes, some alone time, and the healing vibes of nature. But not too far away from my beloved family, of course.

&Sister offered all of this wellness. While falling down the stairs to reach enlightenment was not on their brochure — power and restorative yoga classes, meditation, homemade vegan meals, country walks, massages, reiki sessions, and unlimited herbal teas were. All things that a new Mama needs most. So with refreshment in mind, away I went to the Poundon House in Oxfordshire, England, located just 1 hour’s train ride from Central London.

My experience there was brief (a mere 48 hours), but packed with bliss. The house was charming, with lots of rooms and nooks to discover. The yoga was stimulating and relaxing. The meals were delicious. The hosts (and other guests) were friendly. The treatments were rejuvenating. And the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny.  It was everything I wanted and needed from a weekend away from my daily routine as a Mom. These experiences gently reminded me how great my new life’s role is… even if I fall down now and again….


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