Our Wellbeing Yoga Teachers

Our Wellbeing Yoga Teachers

We are so excited to be working with the most inspirational yoga & fitness wellbeing teachers.

Meet Charlie


To spread the love & true benefits of yoga, as a lifestyle, as far and as wild as I possibly can. Making people smile and laugh along the way, opening their minds and hearts, inspiring and empowering them to swallow their fears and fulfil their dreams. I believe that everyone should, and can, live a life they love

Charlie’s yoga training

I have been practicing yoga on and off for 15 years, coming to it initially from a workout perspective. Following a life-changing trip to the Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2011, I decided to leave my job as an Assistant Buyer for The Disney Store and deepen my knowledge of yoga. In 2012, I became a certified teacher in Bali with WLYA – The Wise Living Yoga Academy (affiliated to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India – the world’s oldest organized yoga institution).

I cater the type of yoga I teach to the needs of each individual. However, my public classes involve an innovative and forever changing style of dynamic vinyasa flow. Although extremely fast-paced at times, I am a perfectionist when it comes to correct body alignment, the synchronisation of movement and breath and the importance of a sumptuous, meditative relaxation. My classes are down-to-earth, fun, creative and challenging, but at the same time accessible, maintaining the philosophy that ‘yoga is for all’.

Meet Mischa


Mischa’s yoga journey began over a decade ago and slowly began to weave its way through her life; she is continually humbled and inspired by the potential of yoga to transform, expand and heal and is devoted to sharing the practice with others. She holds enormous gratitude to leading vinyasa flow teacher Claire Missingham with whom she completed her initial 200 hours and went on to assist for some time afterwards.

Most recently Mischa finished an additional 300 hour training with her teacher Sianna Sherman who is of enormous influence and inspiration to her. She has now stepped into apprenticeship with Sianna and assists on her workshops and trainings. Mischa has spent over a year in India studying, practicing and visiting sacred sites and it holds a special place in her heart.

Mischa teaches a heartfelt practice with creative sequencing, a deep focus on breath and alignment and a combination of strong steady flow and longer holds to both uplift and tap into the stillness. She draws her understanding from a number of styles and traditions, particularly inspired by the philosophy and practices of the Tantric lineage. Her classes are woven with philosophy, myth and stories and often include music, chanting, meditation and ritual. In a retreat environment the practices offered are incredibly diverse and always expand far beyond the students expectations as Mischa weaves in layers of influences from her personal practices and study to create a unique and beautiful experience.

Mischa’s teaching is passionate and knowledgeable, her intention is to both challenge and restore, holding a space for individuals to open, reflect and absorb. You will be taken on a joyful journey of self inquiry and unfolding. Mischa is committed to her own study and practice as the foundation of her teaching.

Meet Mags

I first stepped onto the mat in 2003 after years of playing basketball, having developed a number of issues with my knees, ankles and back. I experimented with various styles, including hatha, vinyasa krama and power yoga, slowly releasing tension and developing more body awareness. In 2009, I fell in love with ashtanga yoga, which became my daily practice for many years, helping me to heal and nourish my body and build strength and flexibility at the same time. I participated in numerous classes, workshops and retreats around the world with internationally-recognised teachers until the urge to explore yoga on a deeper level could not have been ignored any more.

In 2011, I turned my organized life upside down. I quit my full time job as a translator and decided to move to India to follow my passion for yoga. I wanted to study it at the source and discover the world beyond asanas. This decision opened the door to a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, which completely transformed my understanding of the meaning and purpose of yoga and life in general. I traveled all over India, practising at various places, and completed 500 hours teacher training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. I believe that every teacher always remains a student, and have therefore continued my development under the guidance of inspiring teachers, including Vinay Kumar in Mysore (three one-month trainings in asanas and pranayama), Sally Kempton (meditation training for teachers) and Doug Keller (yoga therapy). I have also been a Vipassana meditator since 2013 and I completed Reiki training in 2017.

I have been teaching internationally since 2011, conducting Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Flow classes as well as modules for TTC courses (alignment, adjustment, teaching methodology, yoga anatomy) and organising workshops and retreats all over the world, including India, Sri Lanka, UK, Poland, Spain, Italy and Costa Rica.

In 2015, I co-founded my own studio – Parinama Yoga Studio, in Goa, India, where I teach regular classes, workshops, retreats and various courses.
What I Teach

I teach mostly multi-level alignment-based Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow classes.

I approach yoga in a holistic way, treating the body as a multidimensional vessel which needs every-day care and attention in order to stay healthy and nourished. I love treating all students individually and challenging them both physically and mentally and creating a safe space for internal growth and self-exploration.

My classes combine scientific knowledge of the body gained during extensive studies of anatomy and yoga therapy, and eastern wisdom gained throughout all my years of living and studying in India. The result is an intuitive blend of creative, alignment-based and anatomy-specific sequences including asanas, breathwork, meditation, mantras and more.

I’m a strong believer in the power of smile and laughter, and the importance of always trusting your instincts and following your dreams, appreciating every moment and living your life with a sense of balance and fulfillment.