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My Bookings

NameRetreat / EventDate of event/retreat
Manfredi CastelliTrinity College weekly classes25/05/2022
Linda LiuTrinity College weekly classes25/05/2022
Rosa BonninTrinity college weekly classes25/05/2022
Sophie BeaumontTrinity weekly classes18/05/2022
Raphael LeungTrinity College weekly classes18/05/2022
Kam PoonTrinity College weekly classes18/05/2022
Manfredi CastelliTrinity College weekly classes18/05/2022
Lucy KeeleyTrinity college clwss03/03/2022
Jeanette LeeTrinity College weekly classes03/03/2022
Charlotte ChapmanCharlotte Chapman17/02/2022
Manfredi CastelliTrinity College weekly classes14/02/2022
daisy gosalTrinity College Weekly Classes31/01/2022
Linda LiuTrinity welfare yoga31/01/2022

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