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&Sister was founded in 2015 and has run numerous weekend retreats and countless workshops and collaborative events. We have worked with inspiring teachers, beautiful brands, mindful chefs and have cultivated a wealth of health wisdom along the way. We have loved every single retreat with our amazing community and we NOW want to share a slice of magic with you from the comfort of your own homes. 

So, dedicate some time to YOU, set your intention, create your own home rituals, be guided through yoga practices and choose from our mindful wellness optional add-ons. 

Follow the retreat live with us over the weekend or purchase our OnDemand Package to tailor and make your own retreat with &Sister and friends. 

&Sister LIVE Retreat-at-Home Offers:

Our exclusively curated &Sister Retreat-at-Home package & online manual, which will comprise of

  • Daily Yoga Classes ( OnDemand Pre-Recorded Content – accessed through our exclusive &SISTER RETREAT HUB website page, only accessible after purchase).
  • Morning Meditations & Rituals in Retreat Manual Ebook.
  • Intentions, Journalling and Goals exercises with Alicia Roscoe in retreat manual.
  • Chai making tutorial and recipes.
  • Exclusive &Sister ‘Retreat Manual’ Ebook to follow in your own time with our OnDemand recorded content.
  • Live music & guitar with &Sister’s sister and fellow Lululemon ambassador Hanna Linder (@haxlinder).
  • Sound Gong bath with Sonia Norman.
  • &SISTER COOKBOOK for download.
  • &Sister kindness poster download.
  • &Sister retreat and live well weekly check list download.

Cost: PURCHASE HERE in our online shop!

OnDemand from £45 (excludes goodie bag). [Content accessed through our exclusive &SISTER RETREAT ONLINE HUB and available to download after purchase.]

Example &Sister Retreat offering day (1 / 3) .

Example day 2.

8am ~ Morning Rituals – see ebook manual.

9.30 – 10.30am ~ 60-minute YOGA CLASS
& Live Mantra & guitar by Hanna.

Breakfast: &Sister smoothie & overnight oats recipes in
&Sister COOKBOOK included in package.

See &Sister Retreat Guide & use optional self-care gift bag for activities.

5.30pm ~ COOKING WITH &SISER – &SISTER COOKBOOK included in package.

See Retreat Manual for activities & checklist. Option to use goodies from your &Sister Self-Care Gift Bag in these activities.

Why not extend your retreat with &Sister additional yoga classes – 


An &Sister Self Care Goodie Bag (Worth £40!)

Purchased separately to accompany our OnDemand Retreat package HERE – subject to change, always totalling to worth price.]


Help us to support our &Sister friends + our most loved small businesses by adding a few special extras to your retreat:

Healthy Vegan Banana Bread @ 20% off with discount code, homemade by the amazing @anutritionistskitchen delivered to your door! (vegan, refined sugar free + gluten free too! – great for kids or to pop in the freezer for a rainy day!)

Free UK delivery HERE. To receive your exclusive 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE click HERE.

&Sister Retreat Reading List for you to choose from:

  • Prajna – by Mira Manek 
  • The Power of Now – by Ekhart Tolle 
  • The Art of Living – by Thich Nhat Han 
  • A Path with Heart – Jack Kornfield

Extra &Sister Yoga Classes to extended your retreat to a mindful long weekend/ full week! (Pu

Candles from Willow 

Mira Manek ‘s Chai Mix

– More Root & Flower Essential Oils
@ 20% off with discount code.

Handmade, Heart Shaped Lavender Eye Pillows by one of our chief yogi Sister’s, fellow dream-team retreater and Hot Pod’s Head Yoga Warrior Charlie Morgan.

We also think this would be a great way for you give to others. Channeling you’re true karma yogi and treating someone close to you or a fellow yogi you want to show just how much you miss them.

Free optional add ons:

&Sister Spotify retreat-at-home playlist.
Make it a screen-free weekend and join the ‘&Sister Retreat Challenge Checklist‘ – this is where we challenge our retreaters to complete the Ultimate Retreat Checklist included in our package & retreat manual.
Create an &Sister goals mood board/ vision board collage for us to share on instagram!


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TO REGISTER INTEREST CONTACT US HERE or DM us at @lisroscoe or @andsister_yoga.

With love, gratitude & light,


&Sister Team xxx