Meet Brit of Fit Brit Collective

Meet Brit Williams, founder of Fit Brit Collective and ‘the fiercest and friendliest trainer in South-West London’, who will join the #sisterhood with our Earth & Fire retreat in October, offering our guests optional fitness classes. Let’s focus in on the adjectives fierce AND friendly – while Brit will hold you to account and ensure you’re digging as deep as you can in every workout, she always endeavours to make you smile along the way and truly fall in love with exercise. If a single session with Fit Brit Collective is a true workout with heart, just imagine how exhilarating an entire weekend will be!

That is exactly what you can expect with Brit, she is a creative, boundary-pushing HIIT & conditioning mastermind who will guide you to the other side of your comfort zone. Brit believes that working out together cements deeper connections and knows that the retreat at Poundon House will leave guests feeling as though they have been part of something bigger than themselves. Think group fitness sessions to inspire you as you excel towards individual goals, thrive off the energy of the collective, set immediate and long-term intentions and relish in the thrill of beating YOUR personal best. We are SO excited to have Fit Brit Collective, one of the most on-it girls we know in the &Sister team! These classes are going to be tailored to what YOU want to get out of them.

How can #fitness and #yoga work together? As Brit @fitbritcollective says ‘I’ve had a lot of yogis take my classes because the fitness and strength work helps with stamina & technique on the mat. In particular, shoulder strength and mobility holds a lot of people back from advanced moves like headstand and crow, so weight training can make all the difference. And on the other side there are so many studies proving that an over-stressed nervous system can be self destructive and not conducive to results, so finding the balance and building stretch and recovery into your training is really important. Plus the physical benefits of yoga include better mobility, range of motion, injury-proofing the joints and improved mind-muscle connection, all of which are key in an effective strength and/or cardio dominant training regime”.

Located at our dream retreat location Poundon House, where we will be fully utilising the beautiful grounds and gardens for our fitness sessions with @fitbritcollective, combined with yoga classes with Sophie’s Fitness UK – what a retreat we have in store for you. The whole Earth & Fire fitness and yoga retreat with @sophiesfitnessuk and @fitbritcollective is going to blow those cobwebs right away and totally transform your belief in yourself. A session with Fit Brit Collective will leave you wanting more, and feeling inspired for the week ahead.

If you are more yoga than fitness, why not try something new? Her classes are totally optional so if you just fancy some downtime, or a treatment, thats cool too.

Retreat with us: 6 – 8 October 2017, Bootcamp and Bend weekender, Poundon House.