Create your own yoga / meditation sanctuary space at home.

Isolation Zen!

That feeling when you step into your favourite studio & happy place; the smells, the connection to yoga and the peacefulness, it’s possible to create this at home with a little help from our &Sister friends!

  1. Treat yourself to Lydia’s Amazing BANANA LOAF and other healthy, yummy treats. (also great for kids, an Easter showstopper treat or pop in the freezer for a rainy day!) Free UK delivery HERE. To receive your exclusive 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE click HERE
  2. Invest in Root & Flower hand-crafted essential oils.
  3. Create a Sacred Place with Owl & Apothecary and their gorgeous candles & crystals. I adore this fabulous SELF LOVE Bundle.
  4. Channel some yogi Karma & kindness.
    Gift some L O V E with Ombar’s letterbox chocolate treat box. (Currently 20% off too!) The perfect gift for a friend in need, someone you love (or yourself!) and a brilliant solution to social distancing!


With Love & Light,