Spring recipes for LOVE

We believe a big part of keeping well is about Love. Eat, like we love ourselves. Move, like we love ourselves. Think, like we love ourselves. Act, like we love ourselves. The more love we put in, the more we attract and radiate out into the world. So, here is how we are planning to EAT like we LOVE ourselves this Spring.

With warmer temps and hope filled bright evenings, let’s think outside fire bowls, budding blossoms and daffodils. Gathered around with sharing salads celebrating spring greens, sides of samphire and tarty rhubarb delights.

Set the scene with your spring florals, blossoming table linens and an &Sister Floral natural candle to create a transformational atmosphere and mark the sweet new beginnings!


Ottolenghi’s nutty joy! Miso & Peanut Butter Chickpea Salad.
We’re planning on paring this with some in season winter roots that will still be in their prime such as roasted parsnips, carrots and new potatoes. Plus, a very minty fresh pea dip, utilising our home-grown herbs.


Anna Jones’ veggie toad in a hole (plus easily made vegan) will be our go to for a Sunday of Feasting to welcome natures budding new blessings with friends and family. Squash + Poppyseed Toad-in-a-Hole. The recipes also features a Mustard gravy we can wait to pour! Serve with Norfolk Samphire a truly superfood tea! Fancy a tart alternative? Try Borough Markets squash + sage tart recipe!


Golden milk for Spring by Jasmine Hemsley. We love a spiced drink and appreciate the warming and healing effects of turmeric and cinnamon to take the chill off a fresh spring day (it’s not summer yet after all). For a sweeter, chai and even hot chocolatey, alternative we always have Mira Manek’s chai blends to hand.


Rhubarb crumple with The Happy Pear. It might be Spring but crumbles are for all year around! Get the kids involved, perhaps visit a pick your own rhubarb farm, hunt out some Oatly custard (our fave!) and gather the family for a fabulous fruity time. This recipe is vegan, refined sugar free and uses whole grains & foods like oats, nuts and seeds for a nutrition top up!
For the written recipe to this video see here, sub in the rhubarb + any fruits you like!

We hope you have fun make, baking and creating!

Lots of love and light, &Sister xxxx

Note: All images have been sourced from linked pages.