Natural Soy Candles made only with essential oils for Wellbeing

Introducing &Sister’s newest edition to the family… our Natural, Sustainable & Hand-Poured Candles.

Natural Candles made only with essential oils.


&Sister's intention has always been to elevate the well-being of our community whilst considering the health of the Earth, our home. Our natural and sustainable candles have sprung out of Natalie & Alicia's hearts as a 'pandemic possitive'. During the lockdowns, with no yoga retreats to plan or host, Natalie turned her hand to researching and crafting vegan + eco friendly candles. 

As you light your candle, we invite you to set an intention, a kind word to yourself or take 10 deep breaths to relax and scan the body and mind, reconecting to find presence in the now. 

&Sister candles are perfectly paired with self-care through the power of aromatherapy, creating refreshing and rejuvenating scents in your home, naturally combating anxieties or stress and elevating energies. 

Perfectly crafted for your self-care routine; yoga, meditation, a long soak in the bath, preparing for a night of deep sleep or connecting around a family meal.

- Natural sustainably-sourced Soy Wax 
- Natural essential organic oils 

Hand-poured with love.  
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The Story Behind our Candles:

Our &Sister natural candles are scented with pure organic oils, perfect for meditation and accessing that chill-out moment. 
The candles are hand-poured with love and focused with the intention that they bring to you joy, peace and calm. Emulating that &Sister special moment while on our retreats. The candles are made to order in small batches in our London home.

Do you know what you are burning when you light your scented candles?

&Sister’s big sister Natalie decided to investigate candles over lockdown and was pretty surprised to find that some of her favourite candle brands use paraffin wax (toxic) and fragrances (chemicals). So, she started to make her own candles using eco soy wax (sustainable and vegan) and essential oils (natural, no nasties), all responsibly sourced. This is our pandemic positive and Natalie has completely fallen in LOVE with hand-making candles!

Nats says; 

‘I love everything about this – my interest in well-being, plants and oils and their power to uplift and affect moods, to art to interiors and travel – all combined within one creative journey, candles’.

Alicia is also a candle lover too,

‘I love to light mine before meditation, or before a restful long soak in the bath. There is something so special about that glow from a candle flame and the delicate scents that relax and balance the nervous system’.

Why Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy for &Sister means the sustainable cultivation and harness of essential oils and natural aromatic materials to support the mind and physical wellbeing. Our candles, created with 100% natural essential oils, become the perfect tool paired with meditation, yoga and re-connection. Our focus is on natural scents to enhance and stimulate a multitude of mental and physical states essential to wellbeing and balance including, rest & relaxation (REST), calm & grounding (CONNECT), energy & joy (JOY) or motivation & elevation (ELEVATE).

We hope you love our creations as much as we love crafting them for you. We’d love you to leave a review in our store if you invest in one of our natural candles.

Lots of love and light,
&Sister xxxxxx