How to Self Care From Home

At &Sister we are dedicated to connection, well-being and community. So, we have come up with a few ways to keep happy and healthy from home if you are social distancing, self isolating and to generally boost your mental and physical well-being through a difficult time.

There’s always sunshine after the storm and now is an opportunity to truly pull together as a global community, embrace stillness and get creative at home. As for yoga, it’s the time for true presence and grounding, employing the divine connections and community yoga has offered to support us.



Movement + Exercise:

  • Join &SISTER on ZOOM for virtual LIVE YOGA CLASSES. Book via MOMOYOGA.
  • TheBodyCoach YouTube home workouts are energising and great family fun! Check out the kids workout playlist and get moving together!

Pass times: 

  • Face masks & pampering.  
  • Spring clean starts now! 
  • Recipe book reading and bookmarking.
  • Gallery and museum virtual tours. We love the National Gallery.
  • Amazon Alexa free meditation with Fearne Colton & Zephyr Wildman “Alexa, open happy place mediations”. 
  • Kids fun with gardening and creating science scrap books with pressed flowers and drawings.

Establishing Structure and Routine:

  • Morning walks and runs, lemon and ginger tonics (Check out Mira Manek’s Immunity Recipe here), veg + fruit smoothies & YOGA.  

Sending support and well wishes to you all.

Will Love, Light and Namaste,


By April Jackson