New weekend yoga retreat with Charlie Morgan – Winter Glow 22- 24th Feb 2019

New weekend yoga retreat with Charlie Morgan – Winter Glow

22- 24th February 2019

We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with Charlie Morgan for our &SISTER seasonal retreats calendar at Poundon House.

Charlie Morgan, an exceptional and sought-after yoga teacher will be leading our ‘Winter Glow’ yoga retreat.

Winter at Poundon House is a season of light & warmth, of being outside in the cold, coming into the home and hearth, and is the ultimate opportunity to create ‘hygge’. As such, its one of our favourite seasons at Poundon House, where a brisk walk in the sleepy countryside is followed by a turn in front of the fire or AGA. Roasting chestnuts in the fire, warm drinks, it is a season to celebrate light and warmth, friends and family. There will be plenty of time to stretch and open in the shala with Charlie, cosy down in front of the open fire and build up your internal energy for the rest of Winter whilst we wait for nature to awake with Spring. It is a beautiful time of year at Poundon House. Retreating with us is a unique experience and one that will stay in your favourite memories forever.

Charlie’s retreats are very popular and usually get booked out early, so if you are interested please get in touch so we cna reserve your space.

For more info on the weekend yoga retreat, please click HERE

Why not give the gift of a weekend yoga retreat to someone you care about? Its all about having an increidble experience and taking home with you tools to learn how to stay relaxed and calm. We see such a transformation in our guests from when they arrive, to after having spent a restful weekend, realxing by the fire and chatting to other guests, enjoying delicious food all cooked and prepared by our wonderful retreat chef, and above all, spending time in the yoga shala connecitng with themselves.