Sophie’s energy seed bars, scrumptious!

We’ve been working with Sophie Glover since &Sister was a little babe in arms and Sophie fresh out of Leith’s cookery school. We’ve both developed and learnt along the way, and I would say we are now all of us seasoned professionals!

Sophie has the unique combination of not only creating delicious food, she makes it look effortless to produce, and is always cheery and fun to be with in the kitchen. Her snacks are healthy and moorish, her salads colourful and flavoursome, and even non-veggies are converted to the benefits of plant based foods. I know I’ll be making these for my boys as afterschool snacks and I’ll be bound to be munching on them throughout the day in my usual no holding back way, but hey, their healthy so a little treat won’t hurt!

Sophie’s scrumptious energy seed bars

Makes 10 bars

1 cup rough oats (I use G/F)

1/3 cup mixed nuts

1/ 2 cup dates

1 tbsp chia seeds

3 tbsp mixed seeds

1/ 4 cup peanut butter

1 tbsp coconut oil

Start by soaking the dates in hot water for 5 minutes.
When soaked, drain and blend in a food processor.
Add coconut oil and peanut butter and mix.
Roughly chop the nuts and toast in a pan with the oats.
Mix the paste together with nuts and oats, chia seeds and mixed seeds.
Then flatten out into a baking tin lined with cling film.
Chill for a couple of hours and then slice.