Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies with &Sister and Poundon House

If working in wellbeing has taught us one thing, its to take time for self-care. Holistic therapies and massages are deeply relaxing and healing, and having a treatment on retreat is even more special as you have time to truly soak up the feeling afterwards, either with a nap or sitting by the fire with a steaming cup of chai. Your sore, tired muscles and mind, soothed and feeling loved.

We have been curating the &Sister holistic therapies and self care offerings for years and we are so happy to share these beautiful therapies with you. We know how amazing you will feel after one of these beauties!

Our holistic therapists have more than healing hands, they have healing souls and are as dedicated and passionate about massages and self-care as we are. You are in for a TREAT!

All massages are £40 for 30 minutes and £60 for 60 minutes, with the exception of Hot Stones & Deep Tissue which is £70 for 60 minutes and Facials £45 for 30 minutes and £65 for 60 minutes.

We love to share the love! Remember, if you are a returning &Sister guest you receive a complimentary 30 minute back-massage or indian head massage.

ALICIA ROSCOE – Ayruvedic pressure point massage

Alicia has been a yoga teacher for five years and is trained in the the ancient practice of Ayruvedic marma massage and meridian points.

The marma point massage works with the psychic body and medirian lines / vital pressure points (which align with the seven chakras) in order to give deeply relaxing full body massage in order to relieve stress, emotional blockages and revitalise the entire body. The massage which uses healing herbal oils, begins on the back – working on the spinal muscles, the sequence then involves shoulders, hips, legs and stomach (optional), feet, arms and hands and then finishes on the face and head. There are a variety of techniques including simple massage, rolling as well as the activation of pressure points.

As Alicia is based at Poundon House, you can book a treatment with her even if you are not on retreat, please email aliciaroscoe@gmail.com for more information.

TRISH DRANE – Think Holistic

Swedish massage – Back Massage or Full Body Massage (does not include stomach unless requested)

Hot Stone massage

No-hands massage

Indian Head massage

Facials – Neals Yard Remedies Organic Facial

Express facial

Luxury Facial (includes face, neck & shoulder massage)

JULIE BROWN – Boutique Well-being

Julie is a beauty, spa and wellness industry expert with over two decades of massage therapy experience. Her signature facials and unique massage techniques are given using a curated edit of luxurious organic skincare, selected for potency and efficacy, using wild-crafted herbs, flowers, crystals and probiotics.

Body massage


Express Facial

Wellbeing face treatment

Deep Tissue


Lucy has been treating guests here at Poundon House for nearly 5 years and she is a truly incredible therapist. She is passionate about wellbeing, selfcare and health. Lucy uses Doterra Oils in her treatments.

Body Massage

Back and Shoulder massage

Indian Head massage

Facials – Neals Yard Remedies Organic Facial

MISCHA VARMUZA – Ayruveda treatment (only available on Mischa’s &Sister retreats) – 60 minutes only

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage system is a unique method developed by Master Kusum Modak in Pune, India. It is a beautiful and masterful combination of deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretches and alignment offering a complete and holistic therapy for the body and mind, both physically and energetically. Mischa combines the practice with Reiki and aura cleansing using ancient smudging techniques.

 CHARLIE MORGAN – Yoga instructor + life-coach  (only available on Charlie’s &Sister retreats) – 60 minutes only

One-to-One Yoga Class

Life coaching


Full Body Swedish Massage

Ayurvedic Lifting Facial Massage

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Indian Head Massage