Win a bottle of Neom perfume

Our friends at Neom have gifted us a bottle of Energy Burst, a unisex perfume ideal for Spring and Summer.

Energy Burst, by Neom Organics, is a crisp, uplifting scent blending the freshest grapefruit with sparkling lemon and a hint of rosemary.

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Competition closes midnight on the 9th June. The winner will be contacted on 10th June.
Spritzed over the whole body, this 100% natural fragrance not only scents the skin beautifully but delivers a potent burst of energy, helping to revive the body and power your day.

So we think it will make a pretty perfect Wedding Day scent! To keep you energised and with only natural scents, its a complimentary scent for a wedding at Poundon House.

This perfume has a retail value of £49.00

That Luxurious Feeling says from her interview with Nicola, founder of Neom Organics.:-

‘It is scientifically proven that scent provokes our body and mind. When we breathe in fragrance molecules, the Hypothalamus; a gland in our brain releases hormones that control our basic instincts and emotions. Even though happiness is not technically a physical state of being, but a feeling (unlike muscle relaxation) it can still be provoked by the right kinds of fragrances. The energy level you’re experiencing is a physical parameter and the new Energy Burst is supposed to activate it. Filled with Grapefruit, Lemon and Rosemary combined with fourteen other fine, natural essential oils it is designed to be spritzed all over the body as you wake up and need a little boost, or at the end of the day when you need to recharge for in between coming home from work and tackling any nighttime activities.

Pure natural energy, bottled. For morning, for evening… for whenever you need a quick burst to liven up your mind and body.

Made with organic grade sugar cane derived alcohol created in Britain using only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients it is what I would call a kind product. A treat to use. The light fragrance is designed to use sparingly, it is unisex and once again Nicola emphasises that the fragrance has a treatment purpose and that even though she spritz it while getting ready for a night out, it is perfectly fine to then top it up with your favourite perfume

Thanks to Neom and That Luxurious Feeling for the images and gift.