Our beautiful &Sister sister, Bex, tells all about her experiences with &Sister retreats in 2017

The first time I became aware of the &Sister retreats it was a cold, dark Thursday. My week had steadily been getting worse; I had been travelling loads, was rundown, stressed and feeling more and more desperate. I googled retreats and stumbled across them. It sounded like just what I needed. I’m now sitting here[…]continue the story

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Sophie's Fitness UK

Meet Sophie from Sophie’s Fitness UK, leading our Earth & Fire Retreat

Meet Sophie (Sophie’s Fitness UK). Sophie is joining the &Sister sisterhood; we are so excited to be collaborating with her and Brit Williams (Fit Brit Collective) on our first fitness-fusion weekend ‘Bootcamp and Bend weekender’ 6-8 October 2017. Sophie is a true humble warrior spreading her love and light in studios throughout South-west and West[…]continue the story

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A glimpse into Autumn Light yoga retreats with Charlie Morgan

By Alicia | ‘Yoga Retreats, the feeling of connection, its a key ingredient to a happy life. Connection, love, openness is what our yoga retreats are all about. Our Autumn Light retreat was magical beyond belief. Our beautiful teacher @charliemorgan ignites hope, inspires imagination and brought us all together in what was an unforgettable weekend.[…]continue the story

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&Sister guest Madeline Howell & journalist, interviews yogi Charlie Morgan for The Telegraph

We are so thrilled that &Sister loyal retreat guest & a The Telegraph journalist, Madeline Howell, was so inspired by her last retreat with Charlie (Autumn Light) she’s interviwed Charlie for The Telegraph Health & Fitness! One of the best things about our retreats are all the fascinating and inspiring guests we meet. We first[…]continue the story

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‘Getting the most out of your first yoga retreat’ by Yogamatters

We were delighted to welcome Helen from Yogamatters to Indian Summer yoga retreat with Sally Anne Reynolds here at Poundon House for her to experience an &Sister retreat. This was also her first retreat, so it was a very special occassion, as you can only experiecne your first retreat once! Here’s what Helen has to[…]continue the story

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Alicia and Charlie speak to Neom Organics about travel tips

We love Neom Organics. Their de-stress and sleep products are just awesome, and over the years they’ve supported &Sister by gifting their beautiful sleeping & de-stress products. Our retreat guests love them too! Neom Organics is founded by Nicola, ex editor of fashion magazine Glamour. Nicola realised that feeling tired and constantly stressed meant she[…]continue the story

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